Kajaran Industrial Complex 

PVC and UPVC Profiles Production Line

PVC and UPVC Profiles Production Line

Kajaran with regarding to long term experiences in field of constructing Polymer processing line machines and along with advance technology of World   , has step in the field of construction of PVC profiles processing machines   . Regarding to the latest operational methods in the World  , these machines have variety of new designs with High Power of production and High capacity , low energy consumption , long life and optimal appearance quality .these machines are suitable for production of Variety of hard PVC grade profiles like door , window , wall wearing and different profiles in variety of industries .

Kajaran’s Profile Production Lines include :

  • Twin Conical Screw Extruders with Eletrical panel equipped by PLC system
  • Calibrator and mould ( according to the requested product )
  • Profile Vacuum Tank equipped by Calibrator installation System and necessary Vacuum pumps
  • Profile Caterpillar Pullers equipped by adjustable jaws and pneumatic jacks
  • Profile Rotary Cutter equipped by Pneumatic escort jack
  • Profile Dock with pneumatic ejector system


Utilized industry :

In all industries including Building , Agriculture and Industry and …


Hard PVC Profiles Down Stream Properties

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