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PEPNA news reporters interview whit commercial manager of KAJARAN

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PEPNA news reporters interview whit commercial manager of KAJARAN

Kajaran is a famous brand in Iran. During the last decades, because of Yeros Ebrahimi’s sons’ role, productions of extruder machinery by this company has seen an impressive growth. More and more manufacturers of masterbach, compound, disposable containers, polymer sheets and etc are purchasing machines from Kajaran.

Mr.Kajuni Ebrahimi ,on the contrary to many young individuals, has learned much of his father’s experiences. Due to more importation of extruder machineries, We have done a short conversation with him. He insists that, for progress, all of the manufacturers have to cooperate together.

PEPNA: I think that in this Recession, condition of Kajaran is not too bad.

Mr.Kajuni: Kajaran brand has been working for many years now. In 1989 we started producing screw and barrels, from this date onwards, we have afforded to manufacture high quality products and create an acceptable brand.

Along with the goods which are released in the market, we have the blessing of the people behind us as well.

In 1992 we started producing extruders, and it turned out to be a sucess.

PEPNA: Due to large volume of products which can be manufactured by extruders , do you think you can drift in different fields in this collapsed bazaar or not?

Mr.Kajuni: Yes, Extruder has got large marketing and in Iran it is used so much, also there are many components which produced by extruders. We connect to all industrials such as building, food, pipe and fittings industrials and etc.

PEPNA: How are you doing marketing?

Mr.Kajouni: We are often active in fairs and we have been able to introducing our productions. We have got advertisements in your website. By work out the appropriate website, we demonstrate our products.

PEPNA: How much support do you get from the manufacturers?

Mr.Kajouni: We believe that all Iranian manufacturers should be together. We are manufacturer of extruders. Extruder parts manufacturer’s product their productions painstakingly. We must assist each other by providing good machine and good service. We can go ahead together. They sometimes remind us machine defect and we solve it. We share all technical issues with customers. We want our customers to get the so benefit.

PEPNA: High is import statistics extruder?

Mr.Kajouni: Yes. The market is still by poor-quality Chinese goods. Customers sometimes do not care that maybe they get into trouble in services. We have got so many customers which they have bought chine’s machines, but we service them.

It makes no difference to us, that some companies haven’t bought machines from our company. We are ready to service for all Iranian manufacturers

PEPNA: How much quality machinery affect to the quality of the product?

Mr.Kajouni: It is very important and effective. More effective on the profitability of production

Extruder importers are bringing in Iran, poor quality Chinese machines .since cheep extruder has got adherents in Iran.

Other reason is much profitable for importer.

One of the Chinese companies have imported poor quality machines Iran recently, there old customers are satisfied with machines, but in latest year there are so many problems.

PEPNA: Do you get support from the government?

Mr.Kajouni: Only the certificate is about no domestic production which has been achieved by Association of Machinery employers.

PEPNA: How much is the tariff of extruder import?

Mr.Kajuni: Depending on the type of extruder it is between 1 to 25 percent.

PEPNA: Could you tell me about your new products?

Mr.Kajouni: Our products such as pipes, granule, sheet and other extrusion lines have established to customers. Some people know us in these areas.

We have just started manufacturing of twin screw extruders and we have been following production of them for 2.5 years. We would like to recognize these products in marketing and we want provide qualified machinery for costumer trusts. We believe this mater.

PEPNA: Could you explain about your masterbach and compounding test machinery to us?

Mr.Kajouni: This machines uses for materials which will be mass-product. This device is small scale of compound and masterbach machines.

The machine consists of motor gear box to 4 kW. Power consumption is about 10 A. it acts alike twin screw extruder. Its screw is similar to the one which is installed in great machines and it has been equipped with mixer, strand and …

They can test different formulations with these machines, and carry out necessary test on samples, if the results will be suitable, they can go ahead in to mass production.

PEPNA: Do you give any consult to companies?

Mr.Kajouni: We have been advising for a few years in Kajaran. We have been favored. We offer machines according to the customer requirements.

This is due to factory experience, so we can choice machines for our customers.

PEPNA: Have the sales got any certain condition?

Mr.Kajouni: Just selling of twin screw extruders.

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