Kajaran Industrial Complex 

About Us

Kajaran Industrial Complex is a familiar name in Extruder and Polymer Industry which Initiated its work on New Year’s Day of 1375 under the management of Mr.Yeros Ebrahimi in the field of Variety of Extruder screws and barrels  and Injections along with Hydraulic Jack production which then followed by Producing Single Screw Extruders in Size Range of 25-125

In Early 1378, according to the market needs, Kajaran started designing and producing PE , PP , PVC Pipe Line Downstream in size range of 16-400 .

On 1381 Kajaran Started Designing and Constructing  Production Lines and Downstreams of Granulation by two methods of Strand and Watering in the field of Recycling and compounding.

From Early year of 1385 Kajaran Supplied the market with a new series of Extruders with state-of-the art – Technology under the Serial of KEX and in mid 1385 Kajaran Faced Lack of Space in its Workshop and so started building a Company with Area of 10000 m2 .

In Earliest of 1386 with partly completion of Kajaran’s New Company , Kajaran Followed its work with now a greater breadth , in late 1386, Kajaran Designed and constructed Polymer Sheets Production Lines of  PE/PS/PP/ABS for Disposable containers which these production lines also turned out successfully in the market .

In early 1389 Kajaran Started Designing and producing Twin co-rotating Screw Extruders for materials and Compounding ,which are equipped by a very high Technology, for the first time in Iran and supplied the market with it .

This Industrial Complex with its significant Growth could once again offer a new Product to the market under the title of Twin Conical Screw Extruders which is specially built for PVC materials .

In 1392 which the disposable containers were giving their place to herbal disposable containers Kajaran Again came to the thought of Designing and producing Machineries and Devices for Herbal Granulation and also Herbal Sheets and in mid 1392 , for the first time in Iran , first Herbal Sheet Line and first Herbal Granulation Line Was Designed and Constructed .

In Mid 1393 Started Designing and constructing Laboratory Granulation Line which is useful for Universities , Polymer Colleges and Laboratories of Engineering Compound and masterbatch Producers . these machinery turned out very practical for Mixing Tests and Material Mixture and played a big role in reducing energy costs .

In 1394 With Many experiences That Kajaran Gained about Sheet Production Lines decided to Construct PET Sheet Line . This Line is capable of Producing PET Sheet with 100% Recycled Materials and or New Materials,  this task was completed in mid 1394 and PET Sheet Line was first Constructed in Iran by Kajaran Industrial Complex .

In 1395 Designing and producing of Laminate Line for Covering Steels , papers by polymers and also an extruder for Starch Mixing with Mineral Powders , which is used in Drilling Oil pit , was Finalized .

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