Kajaran Industrial Complex 

New Product by KAJARAN industrial Complex

New Product by KAJARAN industrial Complex

KAJARAN Industrial Complex, Continuing the path of development and success, this time introduced a novel product to petroleum and drilling market. After a long effort and study, this industrial complex, for localization of knowledge of producing of drilling mud, and due to too much usability of starch in drilling industry, designed and manufactured an extruder, for first time in Iran, which is used for producing of drilling mud. For this sake, KAJARAN made a single screw extruder with special screw design for processing of starch.
Mode of operation of this extruder is as follows that different powder of starch after Pregelatinization, are produced as chips. Then these chips are converted to powder and these powders are used as drilling mud.
By this Extruder we can pregel different starches (such as: corn, potato, wheat) with different content of moisture and formulations. Three important factors: temperature profile, screw speed and resident time in extruder are determinant of viscosity and moisture content of product.
Drilling mud to carry out the various phases of mineral exploration, metal, non-metal, oil, gas, water and gas, also is used to study the properties of lithology, alteration and mineralization underground layers.
The distinguishing features of this extrusion line are special screw design, good dehumidification, particular feeding system (screw feeding or Crammer-fed).

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