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Twin conical Screw Extruders

Twin conical Screw Extruders

Twin conical Screw Extruders ( TCEX TYPE )


Kajaran’s Twin Conical Screw Extruders are used for PVC ( PolyVinyl Chloride ) Compound Material . Screws of these type of Extruders are counter rotating meaning their rotation direction are opposite of each other . this feature causes the materials to be compressed and uniformly batched . these machines are supplied in different capacities . Extruders are Equipped by Electronic Control PLC System for monitoring and controlling the operational parameters and are also equipped by Separate Electrical Panel along with RPM control ( Drive ) .


Features :

Equipped by Unified Feeding System

Equipped by oil flow system inside the screw in order to uniform the temperature.

Electromotor Coupled directly to the gearbox .

Equipped by PLC system for monitoring and controlling the operational parameters.

Bimetal Screw and Barrel with high wear resistance  .


Application :

Variety of Granules Compound of PVC and materials with high temperature sensitivity .

Variety of PVC and UPVC Pipes.

Variety of Profiles with different cross-sections ( door and window, wall wearing and … )

Variety of PVC sheets with different width and thickness .


قطر مارپیچ




Diameter of Screw

Power of Motor


80  kg/h

51/105 mm

15 kw

KEX 51/105

120  kg/h

55/110  mm

22 kw

KEX 55/110

250 kg/h

65/132 mm

37 kw

KEX 65/132

350 kg/h

80/156 mm

55 kw

KEX 80/156

650 kg/h

92/188  mm

110  kw

KEX 51/105

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انواع صنایع موادسازی، اعم از مستربچ سازی، پلیمرهای مهندسی، کامپاندهای مقاوم به سایش و حرارت، کامپاندهای مورد استفاده در صنایع خودرو، لوازم منزل، برق و الکترونیک و ساختمان و غیره…

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