Kajaran Industrial Complex 

Screw and Barrels

Screw and Barrels

Kajaran Screw and Barrels

Different Types of Screw and Barrels of Kajaran are Designed and  produced by customers orders and their usage and they can be used in variety of Injection , Winder  Machines and Extruders.

Kajaran Standard Models which are classified based on Thermoplastic types and Screw Diameter have the diameter range of 30 to 300 and Length up to 6000 mm . Kajaran is Also capable of producing Screw and Barrel by Customer’s order or Drawing or Sample.

Experience above 30 years in the field of Screw and Barrel under Technical Standards of the country.

Features of Kajaran Screws:

Screws of Kajaran are chosen of the best steel and they are NitroCarburized . Pitch Edge of Screws with length longer that 2050 mm are 57 Rockwell C. with diffusion depth of 1 mm and are hardened by topical Plating method and after that they are covered by 200 Micron in diameter with hard chrome.

Screws are produced by at least three main parts for annealing and processing of thermoplastic (feeding , Density , Quantity surveying).

To enhance Mixture and Mixing Process , Mixers with variety of designs are used.

Screws are designed by Experienced Experts and after design , Researches and experiments in lab scale and after lab confirmation the production drawing is prepared and production begins.


Kajaran Barrels Features:


Kajaran Produced barrels are of the best steel which go under NitroCarburizing with hardness of 900 Vickers and depth of 0.3 MM ,

To explain that Kajaran has NitroCarburizing unit in order to increase its hardening   processes Quality.

Kajaran Produced Barrels are equipped by Variety of water flow in feeding area.

Kajaran Produced Barrels if ordered , can have Venting Gate or second feeders too.

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