Special 70 cm Width Sheet Production Line

KAJARAN always tries to follow new advancements in the field and therefore has designed very special equipment for production of sheets. This machine is actually is composed of several equipments, which are unified in single set it has very high performance, low depreciation, cost effective, easy operation, requires little space, and its design is very beautiful. All of downstream machineries required for sheet production, including cooling rolls, rolling table, puller, side trimmer, and heat exchanger package are installed as a unified set a single frame. This machine has been named “super calendar” and is suitable for production of sheets from PE, PP, PS, ABS, PVC… with width of 70 cm and thickness ranging from 0.4 up to 1.6 mm. this compact machine is very popular among our customers. Owning to professional and powerful design department, it has been possible that KAJARAN be able to manufacture and install distributors for multi layer (u to 5 layer) sheet production lines.