Co-rotating twin screw extruders

These extruders can be supplied in different sizes and wide range of L/D،according to the table in behind page. Achieving optimal screw design for producing different products is very easy due to modular basis of barrel and screws. because of self wiping of screw ،there is no need to remove and disassemble it for cleaning .these extruder play main role in the production of different polymer mixture.

Screw shafts from 40 Cr NIMO and screw segments from high quality steel W6 MO5C4V2 which have been grinding in thermal process ،vacuum and high temperature situation، their hardness are HRC62-64

Barrels body from ST45 steel which the turning process is done without tolerance and barrels inside cylinder from (fe-cr-ni-b+ carbide)a-101 with HRCO60-64 hardness

All extruders are provided by PLC system for showing and controlling all process.

some of the most important applications of these extruder  aer as follow:

•    adding many kinds of mineral fillers to polymers (high filler contents)

•    production of  color master batches with different polymers(high filler contens)

•    production of many kinds of processing aid concentrates such as UV stabilizers،slip agent،thermal stabilizers،optical brighter…..

•    production of wide rang of polymeric blends

•    Extruders can be supplied with L/D  in the range of 32 up to 64

•    Capacity of extruders highly dependes on the materials and additives which are used in the process and also the arrangement of screw element.

KAJARAN TPEX machines are able to have high quality products from various recycled granule  and granule of compound materials, with different capacities in 3 ways:



3. Under Water Cutter